Product walkthrough

Discover how you can share your company’s authentic culture with employee surveys

Step 1
Upload your employee details and schedule when your employees will receive the survey

During your survey setup, you'll upload a spreadsheet with your employees' email addresses, job titles, job locations, and departments. This information is used to provide you with actionable reporting and tracking.

Step 2
Indeed emails the survey to your employees on your behalf and handles any reminders

Questions are written by an Indeed panel of experts in employee engagement. Our set of standardized questions provide actionable and historical insight into your workforce.

Step 3
Review a detailed report of the results and publish your new, verified reviews

Indeed collects, aggregates, masks responses, and provides you with a data-rich dashboard and report. After you review the content, you have the option to publish all or none of your new reviews.

Step 4
Indeed will moderate reviews before they appear on your company page

When you choose to publish the reviews, each review will be subject to Indeed’s standard moderation process. If approved, your new reviews will appear on your Company Page. Reviews from employees with company email addresses even get a "Verified Employee" badge.

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